ERA Malaysia

ERA Malaysia

In our very own home country, ERA Malaysia is associated with the registered company of New Bob Realty Sdn Bhd which currently having its offices at Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Kedah and Johor. ERA Malaysia is a key player in providing training and business consultation for real estate agencies while fulfilling the dream of Real Estate Negotiators and agencies in reaching their fullest potentials. We strive to ensure our members benefits from ERA's Real Estate Business System and raise the bar of professionalism in the Malaysian Real Estate Industry.

In a market where the majority of real estate practitioners continue to operate with the traditional practices of the past, ERA Malaysia armed with comprehensive training programs and many innovative products and services are committed to give customers the highest level of service possible in the industry.Today, there are 4 member agencies with us, which count- ing at l50 members and growing.

ERA brand name is recognized worldwide as franchised real estate business however in Malaysia, we are a solutions service provider to local real estate agencies, real estate negotiators.

Our core services will enable local real estate agencies that join the ERA network to leverage on the ERA T.E.A.M. philoso- phy to enhance their current business operation.

Our secondary core services, is to help individual realize their potential careers as Professional Real Estate Negotiator through ERA's Core Training Programs.

With our extraordinary array of programs, products and services, we are committed to coach and train our new member with the best possible knowledge and skills, helping them to provide the highest level of service possible in the industry.

With local knowledge and a global outlook, ERA Malaysia delivers moments of true value in every step of helping new Real Estate Negotiators and agencies. At ERA Malaysia, our success is powered by a Smarter Community of industry players.

At ERA we are grounded in Collaboration, fuelled by Knowledge Sharing and inspired by Innovation.